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    1、Always check the gasket of coupling, replace it if have abrasion situation. Otherwise it will cause coupling damage.

    2、Check the fan blade of adjust door and other moving parts before starting machine regularly apply grease on the abrasion parts of the adjust door.

    3、Always check the oil level of fan bearing box. Ensure L-TSA32# turbine oil or N46 # mechanical oil show the oil level in the oil window between 2/3 to 3/4.

    4、When machine starts check the vibration of fan bearing box and the noise of fan. If have any abnormal situation it should be shut down and checked instantly

    5、Each time the motor bearings run for three months addⅡLithium Grease (40~60g). It should be noted that filling grease is necessary to open the oil drainage hole.

    6、Every three months need to check and tighten all bolts

    7、Calibration the coaxiality every six months.

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